Email Data Corruption Recovery

Recover Emails from corrupted data files and crashed drives

MS Outlook is the vital component of the email communication system in organizations. It works flawlessly as long as its Outlook Data File (PST) is working correctly. Any damage or corruption in PST can bring the email communication system to a standstill because of the inaccessibility of PST items like emails, attachments, contacts, calenderer, notes, journal etc.

The major reasons for corruption fall into two categories – Hardware related and Software related. Storage media corruption, bad sectors on the hard disk, networking errors, power failure, improper shutdown of Outlook application, file header corruption, 2 GB size limitation (prominent in earlier versions of Outlook) and virus attacks are the major reasons for Outlook corruption.

After Outlook PST corruption, users will not be able to access PST items like emails, attachments, contacts, calenderer, notes, journal etc. properly. Outlook will send some error messages as users try to read, send, receive, or delete Outlook email messages.

Recovery squad can recover and repair damaged PST files which cannot be repaired by standard common PST repair tools, stop downloading free repair tools and give us a call now.


Email Data Corruption Recovery

Outlook PST Software Related

  • Abruptly exiting Outlook
  • Increase size of PST file
  • File header corruption
  • Broken PST files
  • Virus Attacks

Corruption Reasons Hardware Related

  • Bad sectors on hard disk where PST is stored
  • Network device errors
  • Power failure
  • Storage media corruption
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